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About us


What can be more beautiful that shaping the future of cities and communities in terms of play experiences, supporting active and creative children and offering them a place of vitality, joy of living and pure fun?

espas GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of playground equipment and street furniture. The outstanding features of our play equipment are durability, robustness as well as child friendly design. They combine safety and functionality with elaborate design and highest quality.

Thanks to our know-how, the joy of developing, suggestions from children and our long-term experience we direct our attention to the future in order to constantly present you new ideas.
We are not working to produce things, we are working to ensure our equipment sustainable value.

Small sites or large areas – we will work out with you a solution at an outstanding price-performance ratio.

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Our references

espas GmbH winning "the grand Prix of medium-sized business in 2010"

The decisive factors for the jury’s rating were: development of the company, creation and safeguarding of jobs as well as innovation and modernization. espas is achieving success in all aspects according to the motto: sound medium-sized businesses – strong economy – more jobs.




1. Metalworking

In our metalworking shop all steel parts are prepared for galvanization and further processing. We process only high quality thick-walled raw materials which we purchase in large quantities.

This enables us to pass on to you reasonable prices per meter!

2. Galvanizing

The prepared steel parts are immersed in one piece in a liquid molten zinc. This encloses the complete component.

By zinc paneling resultss a durable and robust corrosion protection for the gaming device.

3. Powder coating

With our large format powder coating plant we can since 2012 all components in-house powder coating in RAL colors.

The electrically conductive, galvanized steel is coated in the plant by hand with the powder coating. At this time, as opposed to automated systems, this saves powder, and protects the environment and your wallet. After application of the powder , the component is fired to solidify the powder in the furnace.

4. CNC-milling

In our hall 3 the floors are milled for the tower combinations and spring animals from polyethylene sheets by our CNC milling. In order to blend no unnecessary material, as many parts are obtained from a plate.

The blending of the plate is recycled and made ​​into new PE granulate.

5. Rotomoulding

Since 2014, we are in possession of a rotary smelter.

Therein the steel or aluminum form of slides or roofs is mounted with a crane on the rotation, filled with PE granulate and pushed in the 270 °C hot oven. There the form is rotated biaxially, the granules becomes liquid and spreads evenly. After cooling, the component can be removed , to be freed and further processed by any unevenness.

6. Assembly

In our assembling shop we complete our play equipment by fitting the prefabricated parts in tender manual work.

espas play equipment will we delivered pre-installed; setting up and placing is all it requires. This saves you time and money!